There Are Angels

There Are Angels
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Friday, March 1, 2013

Shopping Injury & Quilt Rulers

Went to local fabric shop to get new quilt rulers today. Was trying to get the one I wanted off the rack when I bumped the edge of the ruler. I felt a tiny pain but didn't pay much attention to it till I saw a lot of blood on both hands. After retrieving a tissue from my purse to wipe away the blood, I discovered I'd cut not one but 2 fingers in the nail beds, the cuticle to be specific. I fished out a couple of band aids & applied them to the cuts, then mentioned the incident to the clerk, who also brought out band aids. I told here I was okay but to be careful when moving the rulers around. The blood soaked both bandaids so I had to put new ones on once I got in the car. In the end, I'm fine, just will have sore fingers for a couple of days. Geez, I knew rotary cutters were dangerous but who would have thought the rulers were too. Live & learn!!

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