There Are Angels

There Are Angels
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Thursday, March 31, 2011

This blasted Headache!

For a solid week, 7 days, I've had a headache. I think its sinus from weather changes, although it also feels like a migraine. I've taken everything I can think of to get rid of it but no luck. Most of you know I'm a naturopathic doctor so I use mostly natural remedies, which usually work well-- not this time. I've also taken over the counter meds but nothing works. The weather here in KY last week was warm & nice. This week its turned cold & wet, so I suspect the major weather change has to do with this headache. Its happened before but its never lasted this long. On a scale of 1-10, this one is about a 3 or a 4, yesterday, when it rained, it went to a 7 or 8, pain wise. I can't stay in the house all the time, I have a life to live, but I'm just very tired of the headache flaring up when I go outside. I'll either get over it or die & leave it & I'm too far from dead. LOL. I'll just wear it out or it will wear me out, whichever comes first. . . .BTW, just as I published this post, on the page that tells you the post was published successfully, there was an ad for "the headache center".Is that ironic or what!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quilt for Japan Disaster

Here is my response to the disaster in Japan. It is a wall hanging quilt, 24" by 30" in size. It is machine pieced, appliqued and quilted.
The tree branch symbolizes the land & its people, who've been shaken (the bare branch), and the leaves, some who've fallen, but one remains, still hanging on.
This picture shows the calligraphic symbols that mean love & luck. Those were the only stencils I had to use on the quilt. The Japanese people must have both to survive.

Like so many who made quilts in response to the 9/11 disaster in New york (i did that too) this is my response to the disaster in Japan.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan Earthquake- My Thoughts

I think, and have thought this for a while, that the news media is supporting the fear of people who would not otherwise give second thought to radiation. I can understand the danger in Japan, but that's in Japan, a long way from the USA. It seems to me that in the dramatization of the bad news in Japan the news media keeps pushing the idea of danger in whatever situation it reports on. I say listen but think for yourself, take the news with a "grain of salt" and don't worry about something that is too far away to count. Yes, its a real fear for those in the vicinity, but that is there & I am not. I've been in a disaster situation myself in the recent past (tornado) & its not fun. I also was on the DART team for the local red cross office years ago, so I understand disaster situations from both sides, and I've also learned the news media can make things sound worse than they actually are & they can be pushy & get in the way. Are they taught to do this somewhere? They can be rude & deceitful in order to get the story, as that is my experience with them. I think its stupid, on their part, to put themselves into dangerous situations just for the story. I truly feel for the Japanese people who have nothing now, & I applaud those who've go into help. But the news people aren't helping the situation by sensationalizing the situation. Again, just my thoughts on the situation.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Butterfly Wall Hanging

This is the latest finished quilt. It has hand stitching (the black lines) done in black perle cotton in a chain stitch. The rest is free motion machine work, hand applique & thread painting (the flowers). I've worked on it for about 3 weeks & finished it this morning. The quilt is 36" by 44" in size.This is my entry for the Hive Creative Challenge, Spring 2011.
I've also completed the top to the ALS quilt but it didn't turn out as well as I'd like so I'm planning to do another that is easier construction but just as nice once its together. I'll post that when & if its done. Later. . .

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Creative Vison Machine Update

I got the machine back today, a part was replaced. I'm embroidering a piece now to test it out. So far, so good. The dealer said the hoop on the other design might have gotten bumped onto & that's why it was misaligned. This time, I moved the machine far away from the wall.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring Finally

Today is March 1, 2011. The sun is out, its cool, but it feels like spring in the air just the same. Yesterday it rained, 2.5 inches, it did the same thing last Thursday. Plus, both days we had severe weather move through my area. Life has had its ups and downs lately. My autistic granddaughter transferred schools successfully & likes the new school to our surprise. On the down side, I attempted to embroider something on my Pfaff Creative Vision machine over the weekend. The first try turned out terribly misaligned- didn't use enough stabilizer. Since the design took 90 minutes to do, I tried again the next day. This time the needle broke, so I replaced it. That happens sometimes so I wasn't concerned. However, when none of the feet would stay on the machine (they're supposed to snap on & wouldn't) and the take up lever wouldn't catch the thread, I knew it needed to be fixed. Yesterday, in the pouring rain, I took it to the dealer, who dutifully wrote down the problems, then told me she wasn't sure when the technician would be in to fix it. "We never know" she said. Bummer. I'll check back about the end of the week and hope for the best. This is the 2nd Pfaff product I've had trouble with. You'd think I'd quit buying them. At least my Bernina machines give me little to no trouble at all & the dealer is prompt in fixing it if needed. The same dealer called on Saturday to tell me than an item I ordered & paid for 6 months ago was no longer available- it wasn't made anymore. She, at least, offered me a store credit (which I took) & a huge apology. It wouldn't have been such a big deal but this is about the 3rd time I've used the machine in the past 6 months. I finally got a workbook online that allowed me to learn how to use it, then these things happen. I'll just keep plugging on, but I won't wait another 6 months to have it fixed- I hope to have it fixed by next week or the dealer will get a not so nice phone call on why hasn't it been fixed yet. And life goes on . . .