There Are Angels

There Are Angels
Colored Pencil Drawing

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New book project

I've begun a new book project but you won't find it in a bookstore. Actually I'm making a fabric book on the topic of quilting. It will be a one of a kind, mixed media book of 32 pages. It will incorporate painting, stitching, stamp ing, and the like. Follow along as I create the pages. Here are the front & back covers. I'll post more pages as I complete them.
Stay tuned . .

Monday, July 11, 2011

Another project finished

I made this notebook cover on the Bernina 830 from a project on a podcast.MIT uses embroidery, monograming, quilting & decorative stitching plus regular sewing. It was fun to do & taught how to use several of the sewing machines features. I'm sure I'll make more & I'll take orders :) if anyone is interested, just email me. Stay ruined to see what else I can make on this amazing machine.

Mid Summer Update

Just to let you know what's going on lately. I've been watching podcasts, on my IPad, on the Bernina 830 machine & version 6 software. I'm just now finding the time to get to these. It's nearly 100 degrees outside, so it's too hot to do anything else. I'm about to begin a project from one of the podcasts, a book cover.mill post the results, good or not, once I finish it. I've been doing some embroidery on a table runner for my dining room's cream colored linen & 71/2 feet long.

I've nearly finished the owl quilt for my youngest grandsons birthday present. I have yet to bind it, then it's done. I've also begun a medallion quilt with spiral, paper pieced, motifs around the center circle. I've only got 2 motifs finished, they take an hour each to complete. Here are photos of the owl quilt & the beginnings of the medallion quilt.

We had thought about going to the Knoxville Quilt show but I don't think it's going tom work out to go, too many variables that are uncertain. I went 2 years ago& it was nice. Next year the show is moving to Michigan. Oh well, there's always Paducah. . . . . Stay tuned . . .

Saturday, July 2, 2011

What is McTavishing?

I learned a new quilting technique called McTavishing. It's a blend of free motion and zebtangleing. Well, it's actually quilting with swirly lines or curvy lines in groups of 3 or 4 lines before backtracking & beginning in a different direction, branching off from the current line of stitching. The finished project is very pretty, much better than stippling. The tecnique's originator is long arm Quilters Karen McTavish, hence the technique name. She has a book out on the technique ats well worth e price, I think. She also has written some other books on quilting. I recently completed a jacket quilted in this technique (will post a photo when I get one). McTavishing can be used as a fill stitch or as a design in itself. If you can find either a book or a class, take it.mi think you'll be happy you did.