There Are Angels

There Are Angels
Colored Pencil Drawing

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another donation address

A member of the quilt art email list posted an address for donations in Tuscaloosa. It it
Amy Youngblood
Taylorville Baptist Church
7201 Moundville Lane
Tuscaloosa AL 35405

From her email, it sounds like they could use just about anything.
Here is an email from someone in Chattanooga TN to contact about sending donations.
The plea is overwhelming, nearly every time I check there's something new .
More later as this project develops. . .

Just in:
Joyce Teal
1307 Alethea Drive
Hixson TH 37343

She said her county borders Ringold GA & she'd see that donations go there. She further gave the okay to send donations to her.

Another note, remember that the addresses I've posted are ONLY for donation purposes, once the recovery is over, they will be removed for privacy purposes. Don't pass these addresses on unless you're sure it will be used for donation purposes only.

Pillow case project Donation Address

The donation address for anyone who wants to send pillow cases is
Nettleton Food Pantry
102 Front Ave
Nettleton MS 38858
This address is from a friend of my daughters who lived in Miss. She said the food bank would put pillow cases innthe food boxes it gives to the tornado victims & it would be the quickest way to get it to the people who need it.

Get thosensewing machines going & help out. Pillowcases patterns are free on pillow case challenge.

Pillow cases are really east to make, and kind of addictive to make as well, not to mention fun.

Project Pillow Case

I came up with the idea to make pillow cases & send them to tornado victims. Consider this, you have nothing but the clothes your back after a disaster. You begin to accumulate things that people have donated but you have nothing to put this stuff in, no way to carry around what's left of your life. You are given a brand new , empty pillow case. Suddenly you have a "bag" formwhats left of your life. THIS is why I'm doing the pillow cases. I'm in the process of finding a place to take them to be distributed to tornado victims.

Since I've been in some tornadoes,(3),although I didn't have any personal loss, I understand exactly what the victims are going through.mI also used to be on the local Rde Cross disaster response team so I've seen personal loss first hand & that's another reason I'm doing this.

If any of you wish to join me in this endeavor, please let me know.
. As soon as I get an address to send the pillow cases to, I'll post it here. Until then, won't be too long, I'll be making pillow cases. In one day, I made six already. I plan on reporting my numbers to the 1,000,000 pillow case challenge on the All People Quilt website. We'll see how it goes. I just want do my part.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Storm Photos

Here are some photos I took of an incoming storm that went severe after it passed over my house. We're safe with no damage. This weekend's been a rocky ride that continues into tomorrow.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Acrylic Inks on Fabric, Part 2

As promised here are the pictures of the small quilt with the blocks painted in acrylic inks. I can't decide whether or not to add another, wider border.What do you think?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Acrylic Inks on Fabric

Here are some quilt blocks I painted with the acrylic inks, Liquitex brand. They are part of a not yet completed quit. The designs came from a book by Don Linn. I'll post the completed quilt once its finished. The color palette is just 4 colors, sap green, yellow, orange, & magenta. The inks leave the fabric soft enough to sew on & it dries quickly. The only time it bleeds is when two areas side by side are wet or if too much water is used either in the colors or in the brush. I do like these inks & hope to use them in a more painterly fashion in future projects. They are available from Dick Blick in lots of colors. I happen to find mine at the local Hobby Lobby.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lost Opportunity

last week I met with the program Director for a new local art teaching facility about teaching a class on color. I was notified yesterday that their board didn't think I had enough experience teaching to do the job. I've taught for many years, just have taken a long (8 year) break due to family things of which most of you are aware. Getting this news was like a slap in the face. Oh well, what goes around, comes around. There will be other opportunities in the future. I think I just wasted my time doing the presentation. I can still teach the class to someone else.
On a much brighter note, my guild's annual quilt show is May 14, 2011 this year. Same place & time, Nicholasville Christian Church basement, 10 am - 4 pm & we have a quilt to raffle too. This one is done in green tones & is queen sized. You can get tickets from any member. Later . . .

Saturday, April 9, 2011

IQF Cincinnati

Went to the IQF yesterday in Cincinnati.
Had a blast.I saw some fantastic quilts too. It inspired me to enter some of my quilts in some bigger shows. Most of what was displayed were art quilts other than a Baltimore Album display. I also saw Pokey Bolton there. She didn't. See me, but I recognized her anyway. The crowds were so thick that fit was difficult to move without running over someone or getting run over myself, which happened a couple of times. I came home with $$ left in my pocket surprisingly. I'm to the point of having so much fabric that I need to use what I have before getting more. Anyway, I had fun. My guild went as a group so we left hubby babysitting. it was a nice break. Today it's back to the grind. Would I go back next year-in a heartbeat.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Opportunities on the Horizon

Yesterday, Wedensday, I had a meeting with the program director of The Art Village in Versailles, KY about teaching classes there. The feedback was positive. She had some logistics to work out but I think I'll get to don the class. The first class is on color, so if you're interested in this class & are in the area, call The Art Village in Versailles KY at 859-879-0320 and ask about the class. I'm not sure of the exact date yet but it will be a 4hour class sometime after May 15. The piece quilter's annual spring show is Maya 14,2011 at the Nichxilasville Christian church, 200 West Maple St., Nicholasville KY, just south of Lexington. The class will be after that a & will most likely be on a Saturday. Mark your calendar for the quilt show. It runs May 14th from 10am till 4pm. Hope you all will come.

Monday, April 4, 2011


I got an IPad yesterday, The original one since everybody was out of stock on the IPad2. I guess I was lucky to find one at all. Since the Apple store & Best Buy were both out, I found this sone at the local Walmart. I'm slowly learning how to operate the IPad, so forgive any typos I make. At this time I'm watching severe weather in the area. Western KY has tornadoes confirmed & we ware under a tornado watch for the rest of the day.I' highly interested in the severe weather a since I took a storms spotters class a few weeks ago. I know wwwhat to look for now.