There Are Angels

There Are Angels
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New York. Beauty Table Topper

Here's the New York Beauty table topper, still to be quilted, but it's done, the whole thing is made from scraps. I'd hoped to reduce my scrap bag with this project, however, the scrap bag just got bigger instead of getting smaller. Oh well. I used the sheer, non fusible interfacing for the foundation on this instead of paper or muslin. I ll like it because it can be left in the piece ( you have to take out paper) without adding extra weight of muslin. It nearly too pretty to be on my kitchen table but that's its intended home.
Never one to be idle for very long, I'm planning a one patch project that goes from darks to light then back to dark. Have to wait to see how, or if, it turns out like I think it will. Often, what I see in my mind and what the actual project turns out to be is completely different. Stay tuned on that one,

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