There Are Angels

There Are Angels
Colored Pencil Drawing

Saturday, September 14, 2013

One Patch Challenge-- Triangles

This quilt is my one patch challenge quilt. Actually I issued the challenge to my quilt guild last spring. The challenge quilts will be in the 2014 show in May. I chose triangles as my one shape. There are smaller triangles that make up the larger triangles in the quilt along with the green dot triangles.
The challenge is to use only one shape in the whole quilt. It can be any size, any color combo, but only one shape can be used throughout the quilt. it's going to be interesting to see he the group uses only a single shape to make their different quilts.
The annual show is usually held the Saturday after Mothers Day each May. It's held in my home town of Nicholasville, KY. which is just south of Lexington. one if you can, it's always fun.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hot, hot, snails trail!

This small quilt, crib sized but not crib colors, was put together, taken apart twice. I put it away for a few months but it kept calling to me every time I passed the box it was stored in. I dug it back out, laid it out on the design wall, being careful to match it correctly for the pattern, then one by one, I sewed the blocks into rows, matched up the rows correctly & put the whole thing together. It worked!! Now I know some of you may thing orange & lime green are garish colors to put together but actually they Re complementary colors is the really do work together.
Since my collection of quilts is outgrowing all the storage spaces I have, I'm making the quilt tops only, they take less room to store. I only quilt the tops if I need a finished quilt for something. That way I can still enjoy the design part of making quilts without all the bulk of all those finished, quilted quilts,
At this point I'm fairly well caught up in the projects I began sometime ago, now I have to find something to do with my time. Make more quilt tops??? :)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The 3 Year Quilt

This is a quilt top, still in progress although in its last stages, that my daughter has worked on off & on for the past 3 years, began in 2010, it is all hand pieced and will probably be hand quilted as well. Don't know how long that's going to take. I commend her for sticking with this project for so long, I'd had given up long ago.
Its not traditional since there are both black & white in the background of the flowers, I guess that makes it a " modern" quilt , a different spin on the traditional. An effort well done.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

One That Didn't Work

This quilt top, which will probably remain unquilted, is called Crossroads. It is a pattern from an issue of The Quilt Life magazine of Alex Anderson & Ricky Tim's origin. If you'll look the edges of the circles don't exactly meet like they should have. There are so many curved seams that each block had to be stretched on cardboard to lay flat. Sometimes that didn't work either. The original in the magazine was 20, 16" blocks. Mine is only 9 blocks, mainly because of the difficulty involved. I just couldn't see putting myself through that torture any longer. My recommendations on this one-- if you don't like curved piecing, extra work & frustration when thing don't match up or lay flat or straight, stay away from this pattern. Although its pretty, it's not worth it -- to me at least-- to make it.