There Are Angels

There Are Angels
Colored Pencil Drawing

Sunday, December 25, 2011

House fire across the street

These photos are of a big fire just across the street from my house. It happened about midnight on Christmas Eve/ Christmas morning. Everybody got out, including all the pets. Two neighbors lost their homes, one is repairable, the other not. Seems like someone set fire to a barn that set about 20 yards behind the worst damaged house, which set the house on fire & it went from there. I woke up to people talking outside & a bright orange sky outside my bedroom window. It was very scary & chaotic, an event I don't want to go through again. My house didn't suffer any damage, but if the wind had changed it's been a different story for us. Now we're dealing with a mass of people on an otherwise quiet street, fire investigators, police detectives, rubber-neckers, as well as friends & family of the victims helping them salvage what they can. Seems there was a deputy sheriff that spotted the fire first & called it in then went door to door to wake everyone up. I'll send him a thank you note from the neighborhood. To make things worse, since it happened on a holiday & a Sunday, all agencies like Red Cross that normally are on call were closed with their phones on an answering machine, you couldn't reach them. Someone did find Red Cross however & they showed up late in the day on Sunday to offer help. Needless to say my Christmas could have been better due to the arsonist & it has been deemed arson. The Christmas part was fine. There's a reward out for info about the fire. It seems like around the holidays there's always some tragedy in the area. This time it was it my own back yard.

Friday, December 23, 2011

My Christmas Wish

I wish that nobody fights with anyone else, that all technology works the way it should, that nobody gets hurt in any way, the weather is good, travel is safe, there are no cross words spit out, that no one is hungry or homeless, that everyone is healthy, that everyone, every being is cared for and is happy.
All the best to you.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Masters Art Quilts II Book Review

I received this wonderful book a few weeks ago to review. Masters Art quilts II contains works by 40 quilt artists, both from the USA & other countries. The colorful book contains a wealth of inspiration. There are several quilts from each artist in this book that picture diversified styles, techniques and subject matter. Color is one thing that excites me & this book does the trick. Its not only colorful but well thought out and well laid out. Martha Seilman has done a wonderful job putting this book together. It is one that you'll want to look though over and over. It makes a great addition to any quilters library.