There Are Angels

There Are Angels
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Monday, March 4, 2013

Art Quilt Finished

Another art quilt done. This one is 6 foot square with mariners compasses, flying geese and other stars. It's machine quilted with silver metallic thread. I tried using holographic thread but had absolutely no luck with it. It broke every few stitches if it'd catch & stitch at all. Therefore I wasted $20 on 2 spools. I may try it on another small project, if I can get it to sew at all. I tried it on a sample to find out it would not stitch even though I followed the directions exactly. Live and learn I guess. This quilt has yet to be named.
I haven't yet figured out why I'm attracted to these complicated quilts. I guess its the challenge of doing the more complicated blocks and having them turn out right.
I'm currently working on a new York Beauty quilt that will be a table topper for my kitchen table, it will be similar - I hope- to the one on Karen K Stone's book. I'm using scraps on this project so there is no particular color scheme.
Stay tuned, more projects to come.


  1. I really like this quilt. It does have alot of movement. As a person who doesn't do quilts, I think it is amazing. Maggie