There Are Angels

There Are Angels
Colored Pencil Drawing

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Simple Scarf

There's not much to tell here. This 30" square silk scarf is painted with silk paints. Why the border turned out blue in the photo, I don't know. It's actually purple.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wheel of the Year Silk is Done!

It's finally finished!! This is the second painting of the this piece! the first was ruined when the colors ran during steaming. This one is done in paints, Dynaflow & Setasilk, to prevent that. I just have to heat set the colors with an iron instead of steaming it.
The original drawing, by the author of a book of the same name, is primitive in nature, hence the simplistic faces & such. There are a couple of detail shots as well here.
There will be more silk paintings, I'm sure, but this is the last one of this particular design, I won't paint it again. I wanted to do this painting for a long time, now that it's done, it's time to move on.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The finished wheel of the Year Silk

Here it is, the finished silk called the Wheel of the Year, details in it, ready to steam. I thought I'd take a photo of it before I steamed the colors to set them just in case it runs & ruins the piece. The original drawing is a simple one so the details, likes the faces, are very rustic & not refined at all. The whole thing took over 2 weeks & much aggrivation, before it was completed. I'll probably mount it on canvas or something similar instead of making it into a scarf. Just let me know what you think. If the steamed piece looks as good as this, I'll post photos of it as well.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Wheel of the Year Painting Progress

Here's the painting as of Saturday, March 29. I still have lots of details to paint in plus the middle ring and the outer edges & corners. It's still going to take a while to finish. The next post will be the finished piece. In the astrology signs, I used colors that are assigned to each sign. I just hope I haven't wasted the past 2 weeks work, once it's finished & steamed, which is the scary part, the steaming of the dyes to set them. You never know how the finished product will look. Stay tuned. . .

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Today's painting progress

This is the current progress of the Wheel of the Year silk piece. I'll probably do most of the details in dye based markers like Sharpies. Stay tuned for more updates & further progress.

Painting water with light reflection in it. Technique

I learned a new technique, one that silk artist Daniel Jean-Baptiste uses a lot. That is how to paint water with light reflecting in it. The technique is really simple. It's a wet in wet technique, but any shapes in the painting like the fish, need to be outlined first with some type of resist so the paints/dyes don't flow into areas where they don't belong. Wet the entire area with plain water, using a regular brush " dot" areas of color on the wet surface, then let them alone and just let them bleed as they will. This produces lighter areas of color that bleed from the original color dot. Some areas around the area will remain white, giving the illusion of light reflecting in the water. Water and light have always been some of the toughest effects to produce, this technique makes it easy. Daniel Jean-Baptiste has many wonderful videos on YouTube showing this effect. And he also has a website. This method is used on silk habotai but it might work on other grounds like watercolor paper or canvas, you would have to feather out the edges to blend instead of leaving a hard edge. This is one of the beauties of silk painting, it bleeds so the edges feather & blend on their own due to the nature of the silk.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Progress on the silk Piece

Still working on the Wheel of the Year silk. It's like to painting watercolors on rice paper, which is very absorbent & colors run when the papers wet. So I have to paint a little, let it dry before I paint a little more, repeat. This is going to take a while.
My husband found these neat little capped bottles that are attached in a holder where he works, someone wanted to get rid of them, so he brought them to me, I put small amounts of silk dyes in them with an eye dropper so I don't contaminate the original bottles of dye. I also mix custom colors, like flesh or leaf green in them too. Anyway, the first photo shows this set up, works perfect. Perhaps something similar can be found at a craft store.
The second photo shows the actual silk piece in progress. I needed to re draw some of the elements ( I messed up putting the resist on it originally & had to rinse it out, so parts of the pencil drawing got washed away too) so I went looking for the enlargement of the original sketch only to find I accidentally hid it from myself so I had to get another one made. Anyway, I have a the middle & two sections painted. I turn the piece as needed so the parts I'm working on are always at the top of the design. The whole thing is a big circle, so turning it only makes sense. Because the design is folk art in nature there are not too much detail in the faces & such.
I'll post more as I get more done. Stay tuned. . . . .