There Are Angels

There Are Angels
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Foundation Piecing without the paper

I've found a way to paper piece/foundation piece without the paper or muslin. I use a sheer weight, non fusible/ sew in interfacing. It's thin enough not to change the hand of the fabric, yet it can be drawn on with a felt tip pen for the pattern and it doesn't have to be taken out like paper does. The only draw back I found is that it will not go through the printer, but I have a fix for that too. I print out one copy of the pattern & trace the pattern from the paper onto the sheer interfacing. Place the interfacing over the paper pattern & trace with a marker. I use a permanent marker so it won't bleed onto the fabric. I really like the fact that the interfacing doesn't have to be removed from the finished piece, nor does it add extra weight like a muslin foundation would,
Try it & see what you think. Here's a couple of photos of what I'm talking about.

One thing to remember is to use Non Fusible interfacing. Tat way you can press seams without sticking down the piece of fabric you're sewing & not being able to fold it back to trim it to size. I finger press individual seams, once I complete the section I then press with a dry iron ( you can use steam if you want) to make the section lay flat.

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