There Are Angels

There Are Angels
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Monday, April 5, 2010

Air Applique & the "Headache" quilt

This is a recent project done in the technique of "air applique" where there is no base fabric to stitch the applique pieces to, you just overlap the seam allowances & stitch the pieces together. The second photo, on the right, is a painting using the same, albeit smaller, sketch used in the quilt. I plan to show them together at the upcoming spring show, May 15. The project was indeed challenge & left me with a headache, trying to figure it out. The technique came from Barbara Olson's book, "Journey of an Art Quilter". The project took about 2 weeks to complete, the quilt is roughly 48" x 60" and the painting, acrylic, is 24' x 36".

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  1. Both are very beautiful. I have tried 'air applique' and regular applique is a lot easier but the results with the 'air applique' are stunning.