There Are Angels

There Are Angels
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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Too Many Baby Gifts

I've been working on baby gifts, 8 of them. Seems like lots of women at the school where hubby works are having babies, all about the same time. So I've been making tiny, little dresses, fancy jackets from silk, little kimonos, & bonnets. Each of these tiny items takes several hours to put together, counting all the decorative & heirloom stitching, the lace & trims, not to mention, the small amount of space there is to sew. Have you ever tried to make tiny sleeves without sewing them together? It takes time, you must go slow to avoid sewing tubular things like sleeves together. It's a lot more difficult than it sounds, believe me.

This week, my quilt guild is going on a field trip. We shop for fabric, visit other quilt shops in the area & eat. We're going to southern KY Tuesday. This time my daughter's going too. She's psyched about it. I was waiting till the morning or the trip to make a final decision about going, depending on the weather & how I felt, but it looks like I'll be going anyway, regardless of how I feel, otherwise, daughter will be disappointed & I'll have to listen to her whine about not going. Oh well, I probably need a day out, away from it all anyway. More about the trip later. I'll go back to making baby outfits. . .


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