There Are Angels

There Are Angels
Colored Pencil Drawing

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Project Pillow Case & ghost radar

I made another dozen pillow cases for tornado victims. This batch goes to Tuscaloosa, AL. My contact there said they'd given some pillow cases out & they were well received. The first batch went to Nettleton, MS and were a big hit.

Since my house is haunted, my daughter & I have become interested in ghost detection. She found a ghost detector app, which I got, and it's amazing what it picks up. We know for a fact our house is haunted because more than one of us on more than one occasion has been " ghosted" in the house. My daughter was touched by some unseen force a few weeks after we moved in & my son was spoken to by one in the middle of night while he was here. A friend of my daughter's is psychic & told us that there is a door to the other side that is open in our hallway. Something grabbed my daughter's ankle one day as she went upstairs too. Anyway,this ghost detector has picked up several "beings" in the house & several words too. We just live with it & don't get too freaked out by their (ghosts) presence. Its the same software that the professional ghost hunters use. This thing is weird, but fun.
And life goes on. . . .

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