There Are Angels

There Are Angels
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Monday, May 16, 2011

IPod Touch

I like my iPad so much that I also got an iPod touch. I hot Emily one for communication since they are similar to an IPad, which are hard to find around here. I liked the camera on the IPod, so I bought myself one. Yesterday on the paper I could have sworn I saw an ad for IPod Touch on sale ay Walgreens. We went to their store to get one, only they don't carry them. We got one at another store - not on sale. Anyway, I looked again when we got home & I could not find the ad anywhere, I looked thru the whole paper four times! I couldnt find it. I don't know where I saw it! It was weird. Maybe it was a vision or something, I don't know . Now I have my own IPod Touch. The one I gotyesterday was for Emily for communication. I liked the camera on it so I bought myself one. It's only $$. I wish my IPad had a camera, but I couldn't find one that did, everyone was out of stock. Oh well, I have the camera function now.

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