There Are Angels

There Are Angels
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

One That Didn't Work

This quilt top, which will probably remain unquilted, is called Crossroads. It is a pattern from an issue of The Quilt Life magazine of Alex Anderson & Ricky Tim's origin. If you'll look the edges of the circles don't exactly meet like they should have. There are so many curved seams that each block had to be stretched on cardboard to lay flat. Sometimes that didn't work either. The original in the magazine was 20, 16" blocks. Mine is only 9 blocks, mainly because of the difficulty involved. I just couldn't see putting myself through that torture any longer. My recommendations on this one-- if you don't like curved piecing, extra work & frustration when thing don't match up or lay flat or straight, stay away from this pattern. Although its pretty, it's not worth it -- to me at least-- to make it.

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