There Are Angels

There Are Angels
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Saturday, May 25, 2013

A iLittle Something Different

I'm taking a break from quilting since I'm bordering on burnout there. I'm looking into vegan/ vegetarian cooking. I'm not much if a meat eater anyway, so the shift might be easy. The other members if my family are meat & potatoes people, so I'll be making the change alone. I found a couple of recipe apps that resize servings for one person instead of 4 to 8 , servings that I'd have to freeze or throw out before I could use them all. I made a trip to the local natural foods store to get some of the stuff I couldn't find at the regular grocery store. Did I mention that natural, organic foods are more expensive than regular food? I don't think it's fair to charge more for that word " organic" or " natural" since it's just food anyway. We usually raise a small veggie garden & can the produce from it, that's natural & it doesn't cost any more. I don't understand it, it's not fair to the consumer who's trying to eat better. IMO.
I also have software on order called Master Cook, that's a recipe program that's really good & allows for resizing of recipes, it has nutritional analysis, shopping lists & such. I have an older version that won't load onto my current compute, not compatible I guess. I can use the new version anyway, it's more updated & will work on my laptop.
So I'll send the summer gardening & cooking separate meals for myself.& my family. Maybe I'll lose some weight , I need to do that. Maybe I'll begin to feel better, some of the aches & pains will disappear. That would be nice. At least I'll put my nutrition degree to work, I earned that PhD the hard way,mi might as well use it.
Stay tuned for progress or lack there of through the summer.

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