There Are Angels

There Are Angels
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Moore OK Tragedy

Unless one has personally been in a tornado or in a school when a disaster happened at that school, you can't understand what the people in Moore Ok are going through. I have been there, in 1995, in a big high school when it got hit by a small tornado. I worked in the special needs room at that school, my kids were students then & my husband also worked there at the time. The chaos at the time & the urgency is unimaginable , then there's all that follows, the media, parents, the rebuild, the fear factor for storms following, even weeks later, weighs on everyone involved.
After that I became a storm spotter, I was already an EMT at the time, it I wanted to know the signs of severe weather long before it got to me. I also volunteered with the local red cross at the time. Long story, short, you can't fully understand what victims are going though. I understand, fully. Everyone there is doing ALL they can. Let the search teams work, they know what they're doing. If y want to help, if you're in the area, volunteer at a shelter, in any capacity. If you're out of the area & want to help, support your local disaster response services, Red Cross, Salvation Army & the like.
There are many, many groups who make things & send them to these organizations. If nothing else, give an extra quilt, handmade toy, pillowcase, whatever to your local fire or police departments to have on hand when disaster, of any kind, strikes .
Enough said.

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