There Are Angels

There Are Angels
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan Earthquake- My Thoughts

I think, and have thought this for a while, that the news media is supporting the fear of people who would not otherwise give second thought to radiation. I can understand the danger in Japan, but that's in Japan, a long way from the USA. It seems to me that in the dramatization of the bad news in Japan the news media keeps pushing the idea of danger in whatever situation it reports on. I say listen but think for yourself, take the news with a "grain of salt" and don't worry about something that is too far away to count. Yes, its a real fear for those in the vicinity, but that is there & I am not. I've been in a disaster situation myself in the recent past (tornado) & its not fun. I also was on the DART team for the local red cross office years ago, so I understand disaster situations from both sides, and I've also learned the news media can make things sound worse than they actually are & they can be pushy & get in the way. Are they taught to do this somewhere? They can be rude & deceitful in order to get the story, as that is my experience with them. I think its stupid, on their part, to put themselves into dangerous situations just for the story. I truly feel for the Japanese people who have nothing now, & I applaud those who've go into help. But the news people aren't helping the situation by sensationalizing the situation. Again, just my thoughts on the situation.

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