There Are Angels

There Are Angels
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Trees Not Coming Down

Yesterday we had this huge tree taken down from behind my house. It was rotten in the middle & if the wind got up or lightning struck it, it would fall on the house. It took 8 1/2 hours , 5 chain saws, and 6 men to bring it down. The poor guy who took the job lost $$, but vowed to keep at it until the tree came down. We couldn't park in the driveway in case the tree fell in that direction so we parked on the narrow street, the neighbors were all watching & several of them were parked on the street as well. At one point the street was blocked for safety reasons if the tree fell & there was a possibility that when it fell it would take out a light pole & fire hydrant with it. That didn't happen, fortunately. By 8 pm last night, all went well & the tree finally came down. We counted rings inside the trunk & determined that the tree was over 200 years old. I hated to lose the only shade in the back yard, but the tree was just too dangerous to leave there. With that fiasco over, my husband joked "what can we do to top that this weekend?" I replied "nothing, I need a quiet weekend." You understand that this week was one of those where everything went wrong? Here's hoping that the weekend & week ahead are quiet & uneventful. I need the rest.

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