There Are Angels

There Are Angels
Colored Pencil Drawing

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Horse Quilt

Here's another horse quilt from a purchased pattern. The pattern called for the piece to be done is fused applique. I decided, after getting confused at the amount of tiny pieces to be fused, to use Kim Bradley's technique of colored pencil & fabric medium. You paint on the fabric medium, then apply the colored pencil into the wet medium. It works with water soluble pencils not the was-based ones. Anyway, I guess I've hit a creative streak lately or maybe its that I'm just bored with all the snow outside.

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  1. Hi.. Cathy
    Grandma Connie here from the Beehive.(Connie)I love both the horse and blue star quilt. I spend a lot of time lurking in the back ground, because I run a web fabric store and blog and work and ect.. ect. So I don't get to comment often and when I do they don't pay me to much attention. But welcom to the Beehive. I do use a lote of the funny comments and riddles on my web store and news letter. If you don't mind, can I show off you horse or blue star quilt on one or the other next month. Come visit some time on the web store or blog. The store is listed on the MWiki at the Beehive. but if you would like to comment on, or join my blog it would be nice...
    the store is
    Love to hear from you sometime. I checked out your profil, you and I are a lot a like except I am semi-retired and single, and 25 grandchildren & 10 great. wheeww..that makes me sound older then I am (67) had 6 children.
    well all for now. See you at the Beehive
    Grandma Connie