There Are Angels

There Are Angels
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Monday, April 3, 2017

Zig Clean Color Brush Pens Review

I bought these brush pens a few weeks ago online. They are Zig Clean Color Brush pens and came in many colors, I got the set of 48
PROS- the pens have an actual brush tip with fine brush hairs instead of a fiberous flexible pointed tip, so they arcan actual brushes. They come in a Variety, up to 80, colors. They blend with water because they are watercolor pens. And you can put them tip to tip to blend colors, the color from one tip migrates to the other tip enough to blend into a third color for a short while before returning to its original color. the fine tip makes it easy to get into small spaces to color and the brush strokes are easy to control. They do not bleed through the page. CONS- They are a bit expensive, the set of 48 costs about $62 and can be hard to find in stores, at least that's my experience. They are not refillable. Would I buy them again? Maybe, but only if I could find them open stock to replace pens that are empty.
Stay tuned for more reviews of different products I've tried.
This is a oag from an adult coloring book I colored with Zig Clean Color markers.

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