There Are Angels

There Are Angels
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Friday, March 10, 2017

A Break from Quilting

Im taking a short break from making quilts, partly because I getting so many stacking up and partly to avoid burnout. I'm doing coloring pages, collecting more gel pens, markers and the like, more supplies. I've also become interested in something called Bullet Journals.
The bullet journals are not exactly the diary type journals but rather a book of your own design, from a blank book, that fits your individual needs, things you want to track, tasks to do, events, that sort of thing. There are many you tube videos on the making of Bullet Juornals that have good ideas on what to put in them, how to go about it and such. This photo was borrowed from Pinterest, don't remember who posted it originally.
Because of this new interest of mine, I'm rekindling my lettering hobby. I taught calligraphy many years ago but set it aside for other hobbies. The bullet journal affords me the opportunity to use lettering skills again. So I'm taking up lettering again, at present I'm very rusty at the craft. Although I don't have a photo of a Bullet journal and I don't want to impede on anyone who's already shown their own online, here is an excellent source for getting a look at them. It's BoHo Berry, listed online, instagram, Facebook and other social media. Another is called Tiny Ray of Sunshine, also online and on social media. Check it out if you'd like. I gather info I'll post my own photos of my journal. Have fun . .

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