There Are Angels

There Are Angels
Colored Pencil Drawing

Sunday, March 2, 2014

New marker "Paintings"

My new passion is markers, what can one do with them, how are they made, what dyes, pigments are used in them, what can they be diluted with, if anything, etc. These two projects are done on muslin. They do, once dried & heat set, leave a stiffness to the fabric, similar to that if acrylic paints with textile medium mixed in, but not quite as stiff. I wouldn't use them to cover large areas since they dry out quickly, so store them on the side or with the point side you use down, some come in dual point, brush point with a finer point or a chisel tip on one end.& ,most can be blended or diluted with plain old rubbing alcohol. Use rubbing alcohol to get markers off your fingers too.
Markers can come in all types, I tend to use the higher end like Prismacolor or Copic markers but I also use Tulip brand fabric markers and Sharpie brand as well. These brands are dye based & dilutes with rubbing alcohol. They are supposed to be wash fast but i can't say as to the lightfast of any brands I've tried. Have fun with them, they can do more than you think.

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