There Are Angels

There Are Angels
Colored Pencil Drawing

Friday, February 14, 2014

I am a Psychedelic cat! not a psycho cat

This guy is finally done. He's drawn with sharpie markers and watercolor pencils. I recently discovered how versatile sharpie markers can be.

After some research online I found they can be used in fabric, including silk, they are alcohol, dye based markers that can be diluted with rubbing alcohol, the kind you can get at any store. If they are applied to a regular paper drawing surface the ink will soak into the paper & they won't bleed with the alcohol. However, if they are used on a coated paper, primed canvas or fabrics, especially silks, they can be manipulated with the rubbing alcohol & a cotton swab. Once they dry on any surface they become less blendable. But, once dry they are permanent because they are dye based. Just heat set them with a dry iron. Some alcohol based markers are pricey but I find the sharpies are less expensive & come in a variety of colors & styles. I sound like a commercial for sharpies! that's not intended at all. I guess I'm just a bit excited to find a medium I love at a price I can afford.
Stay tuned to see what comes next . . .

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