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There Are Angels
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why I do some charity sewing

Lots of quilters as well as others who sew make things for charity. We donate the things we make to hospitals, homeless shelters, emergency response departments ( more about that later), any place that will take what we offer. I've made baby quilts by the dozen, lap quilts and such to these places. A couple of years ago I ran upon the million pillowcase challenge on the website, All People Quilt. The idea was originally to support kids in homeless shelters, to give them something of their own to carry their stuff from place to place. This original premise also works for emergency response departments, local agencies who serve in natural disasters and such. Consider this situation: you've just lost everything in a house fire, flood, tornado, etc. .You visit the Red Cross who provides vouchers for clothes, and the like. Where do you put the things you are given? Some one one hands you a brand new pillow case. Suddenly you have something to stuff the clothes you're given, or a blanket, of whatever, into it to make yourself a pillow as well as a vessel to carry this stuff in. Hence the idea to give pillow cases to emergency response agencies.
Pillow cases, unlike a quilt of any size, take about 30 minutes to an hour to make, & take less space to store. They only require about a yard of fabric ( I make the cuff on the bottom from a different fabric from the body). I've sent them to tornado ravaged areas where shelters are desperate for anything to give to victims. I always include a note on uses for the pillow cases. I've gotten good responses from my efforts.

As I write this, the TV spouting tornado warnings for eastern Ky, east of the Lexington area. I made a couple of pillow cases today. It never hurts to have them on hand when any kind of disaster happens.
You can find the patterns for the pillow cases on the All People Quilt website under the million pillow case challenge. It's ongoing for the past couple of years. Check it it, it's s small way you can help if you choose to.

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