There Are Angels

There Are Angels
Colored Pencil Drawing

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Carpenters Wheel/Broken Star Quilt

I surprised myself by actually making this quilt top & actually having it turn out correct. It's 48" square. It was something to do on a rainy, stormy day. Pics of the clouds at my house are below the pic of the quilt top. I might, just maybe, will make another quilt top of the same block but in a completely different design by manipulating the fabrics in a different setting. IF that works out, I'll post pics of it too.
I'm watching the weather closely today since we're in the area for severe weather, had some huge storms last night with loud thunder, bright lightning & hail. The hail alerted me since it usually hails before a tornado, it this time there were no tornadoes, just hail. If there's no tornadoes I can live with a little hail. Stay tuned. . .

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