There Are Angels

There Are Angels
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Monday, January 28, 2013

Oranges for Dogs & Cats

I just learned that you can get rid of fleas on your pets by using oranges, actually orange oil, on them, I saw this commercial for a book on natural remedies for pests, this guy rubbed an orange on his dog. Strange I thought, but I had oranges & dogs, so I tried it. It worked!! The previously itchy dog stopped scratching & slept peacefully for a couple hours. I looked it up on line to see what it was about the orange that killed fleas. It was the orange oil, the limoniene in the orange oil is the culprit. I'm not complaining, oranges are a lot cheaper than flea pills that only work 24 hours. Live & learn, now, where do I get that book from that commercial?? :)

I know this is off the normal posts topics but I thought it was worth mentioning,

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