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There Are Angels
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Thoughts on Sandy Hook, CT

Something tragic always seems to happen around Christmas, whether its on a national, local or personal scale. Last year we had the big fire across the street where 3 families lost their homes, this year is was Sandy Hook Elementary, in past years it's been fatal wrecks, house fires, and such, whatever the event, it puts a damper on the holidays for me. I guess when tragedies happen during the holidays it makes it seem more prominent. Losing someone during the holidays is doubly hard, I know that from experience.
The politicians are talking gun control, mental health, school safety and such. But will anything actually be done about it, I doubt it. And people are putting malicious posts online about autism who probably have no clue what autism is or how it affects people with it & the families of those persons who have it. I can say, from experience, people with autism are not violent towards others as a rule. I do think that the shooter, in the Sandy Hook School case, had something else other than autism going on. Believe me, it's very hard to live with someone who has mental or neurological health problems. It limits your. Life in ways you wouldn't think, going out in public with them is hard, dealing with changes or upsets, anything out of the routine,in the home is hard, even with help available, it's tough. So shame on those who bash it without knowing anything about it in the first place.
To sum up, I doubt that this will be the last massacre that will take place & each wills be horrific in itself. The best we can do is pay attention to those around you, to your surroundings and protect your own anyway y can if it doesn't hurt anyone else. Just pay attention to your world & what's going on in it & you will always know what to do when something happens .

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