There Are Angels

There Are Angels
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Server Wars

I'm taking classes to learn how to operate my serger sewing machine, I've had the thing for 7 years but never really learned hoe to use it. I took the first part of the class last weeks& learned how to thread it & do a few things. the instructor said we should " play" with it for practice. So I attempted to make a pillow case with it today. Seems like a simple project, however, that blasted machine keeps coming unthreaded. Did I mention how difficult it is to thread it to begin with? Anyway, I drug out the manual, threaded it per the instructions & tried again. It stitched for about two inches, "burped" then quit stitching & came unthreaded again. After several tries with this same result, I turned the machine, unplugged it & finished the project on the sewing machine. The serger won this battle but I won't give up yet. I have another class this week so we'll figure out the problem & fix it, hopefully. If not, this weird little machine that's been sitting in the cabinet will go up for sale. If I can't use it, why have it taking up space. So I'll try again and again before I really put it up for sale. Anyone need a slightly used serger?

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