There Are Angels

There Are Angels
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Serger Wars, day 2

I tracked down part of the problem, the needle thread was breaking. I changed to a better quality thread, a name brand instead of the dollar a cone stuff I started with, retreaded & tried again. It worked fine, the first run. I was elated. I thought I'd fixed it. On the second run, however, it came unthreaded again! Frustrated, I re- threaded & tried on a scrap of fabric again, it came unthreaded & didn't make stitches although the machine itself ran fine. I gave up, turned off the machine, unplugged it & decided to wait till I went back to class tomorrow. I put the question of the problem out to a email list I'm on & received some replies, but I'd already tried their suggestions. I'll take it to class tomorrow & let the instructor fool with it. It may yet wind back up in the cabinet, sitting there, not being used. I hope not. I'd like to be able to use it. More later, after class. Stay tuned.

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