There Are Angels

There Are Angels
Colored Pencil Drawing

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Still Painting

I got an order of watercolor paper in this week, along with several yards of silk & some silk paints. I finished the horse painting. I'll post a pic once its completed as a quilt. I'm trying a new "board" to stretch watercolor paper. Its actually a piece of Homosote insulation board used in home building. We cut it in half (it comes in a 8'x4' sheet) & I'll tape a piece of wet paper to it & hopefully the paper will dry flat & tight,just as if it was on a wooded board. The homosote is much lighter weight & cheaper than plywood & therefor, easier to move around. We'll see if it works.

We had a pretty intense thunderstorm on Thursday about noon. We've had quite a bit of severe storms in the area lately but this one nearly formed a tornado in my back yard! Fortunately, there was no updraft so the tornado didn't form, but the spin was there, we saw the swirl in the clouds. Pretty scary. I've been 3 tornadoes, of too close for comfort, in my life & I don't want to go through any more. As of this writing, more heavy storms are in the forecast. We'll just have to see if any happen. On top of the heavy weather, the temps have turned hot all at once. Yesterday it was over 90 degrees & it was the same today,& for tomorrow too. These sudden weather changes are the pits. I'm never ready for them, but they arrive just the same. It'd be better if it was a gradual change, but no luck. That's just the way it is. That's all for now.

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