There Are Angels

There Are Angels
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Friday, October 5, 2012

Latest Adventures, haunted house

I've beed researching the history of my unused, basically because it's haunted & I want to know who's haunting it. I traced the property back as far as 1826 to learn that it was part of a plantation belonging to the Evans family. As far as the haunting part, we've seen apparitions both full & partial, have had things fly off tables & refrigerator clips onto the floor, have been touched & spoken to, so we know for a fact this place is haunted. Since it was part of a plantation, it could be slaves or anyone haunting it, who knows? I use an IPad app called Ghost Radar that's supposed to be genuine to pick up ghostly energies & EVPs, in which the ghost speak through the device. Now I need to determine if this app is the real deal or if it's just generating random words & signals. It thought is was very interesting to learn that I now live on an old southern plantation, or part of it at least. Don't know if I'll continue searching the history of the place, the courthouse records stopped at the 1826 entry I found & nothing else was listed for it. As for the ghosts, I'd like to send them on their way, to the spirit world for good.

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