There Are Angels

There Are Angels
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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Alternate Hobbies

When I get burnt out on quilting ( and I do from time to time), I weave a little. A couple of weeks ago i went to the Yarn & fiber show in Lexington. I bought this little rigid heddle loom, I have bigger ones, but I wanted something portable. Anyway, I dug out the weaving supplies id accumulated two years ago & begun weaving again. This project is a kitchen towel, I hope. It'll take a while to finish, so I'll probably begin another project on another loom before this one is done. To further my weaving hobby, I discovered a weaving & fiber supply shop over in Frankfort, about an hours drive from me. Since my daughter spins & knits, we took the trip over to the shop last week for supplies. She spins the fiber, then either I weave with it or she knits it up. The whole process works pretty well together. Tis, along with sewing & quilting, serves as my therapy for living with a granddaughter with autism.,it also helps with other stresses as well.mill post pics of the finished towels when they're done. Stay tuned . . .

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