There Are Angels

There Are Angels
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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Another new baby in the extended family, sort of . . .

These are a few items I've made for my sons ex-wife, who's due anytime. We are still friends as are she & my son, who's helping out a little with driving her back & forth to the doctor since she can't drive now. The thing is the father of this particular child ( not my son) has abandoned all relations with her, so she's totally on her own, with 2 kids already (my son's) but she just doesn't have much for this baby, which will be a month premie, if she holds until next Monday, May 14. Anyway I made a diaper bag & filled it full of blankets, gowns, & other baby stuff. When I gave it to her last week I thought she was going to cry. Anyway , since this baby, a boy, will definitely be premie, these outfits are that size. The tiny hat was knitted by my daughter who's making a few more for the baby. I just hope the ex-wife doesn't go into preeclampsia like she did with my youngest grandson. Also on a related note, I accidentally ran my forefinger under the sewing machine & the needle went through it, just in & out. Ouch! Other than being sore & breaking a needle I'm fine. The good part is that the outfit I was making didn't get any blood on it. That was luck. Stay tuned for more antics & adventures . . .

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