There Are Angels

There Are Angels
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Learning new Things

I bought a new foot for my 830 machine, it does rolled hems. I put it on, tried it out but couldn't figure it out. It just didn't work according to the directions that came with it. So I returned to the quilt shop today for further instructions. They had some suggestions like using a stiletto to push the fabric through. I came home & tried it again, still no luck. So I pulled out the magazine with the article that gave me the idea to buy the foot in the first place. I read the article & really studied the photo in the article. Then it hit me what I was not doing. I tried once more & it worked! I can now make rolled hems on my sewing machine,( I never did figure out how to use the serger to make them.) this is good news because I can now make rolled hems on the silk pieces I do.
Score one for persistence.

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