There Are Angels

There Are Angels
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Sunday, December 25, 2011

House fire across the street

These photos are of a big fire just across the street from my house. It happened about midnight on Christmas Eve/ Christmas morning. Everybody got out, including all the pets. Two neighbors lost their homes, one is repairable, the other not. Seems like someone set fire to a barn that set about 20 yards behind the worst damaged house, which set the house on fire & it went from there. I woke up to people talking outside & a bright orange sky outside my bedroom window. It was very scary & chaotic, an event I don't want to go through again. My house didn't suffer any damage, but if the wind had changed it's been a different story for us. Now we're dealing with a mass of people on an otherwise quiet street, fire investigators, police detectives, rubber-neckers, as well as friends & family of the victims helping them salvage what they can. Seems there was a deputy sheriff that spotted the fire first & called it in then went door to door to wake everyone up. I'll send him a thank you note from the neighborhood. To make things worse, since it happened on a holiday & a Sunday, all agencies like Red Cross that normally are on call were closed with their phones on an answering machine, you couldn't reach them. Someone did find Red Cross however & they showed up late in the day on Sunday to offer help. Needless to say my Christmas could have been better due to the arsonist & it has been deemed arson. The Christmas part was fine. There's a reward out for info about the fire. It seems like around the holidays there's always some tragedy in the area. This time it was it my own back yard.

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  1. The pictures of the devastation are horrible. How fortunate for you that it did not spread, but how sad for your neighbors. What a way to start the New Year!